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Quotes of our exhibitors

Ronny Van Nieuwenhove (CEO): “What really struck us at the fair was the enormous diversity of the visitors. Especially on the second day, we noticed that the decision makers were massively present. This was also the case on the final day. Our fair was definitely a success.”

Alain Smeets (International Manager): ““It is very likely that we will be back in two years. We established several good contacts and are therefore very satisfied with the organisation in general.”

Filip Van Velthoven: “To us, INFOPOL I XPO112 is very important as relational tool. Once again, we established some very valuable, qualitative and specific contacts. Furthermore, it is the place where you can find rebuilders and suppliers of materials under one roof, which promotes networking. In short: just like in the past this fair provided us with an added value which should not be underestimated.”

Katia Doutreluingue en Kristof Daels: ““We noticed that joining the halls created a form of cross-contamination. Furthermore, we find it very important that we do not only see decision makers, but that also other people from the sector come and take a look. After all, most of the times they are the ones that use our products in practice.”

Philippe Lagae (Business Unit Manager): “A fair is of crucial importance as it is an ideal way to show the customer that he has made the right choice. You simply cannot deny that nothing can replace personal contact, in combination with trust and regular business transactions.”

Jolijn Vannuffelen: “We think that the combination of both fairs is a good thing. It is something that we had been asking for for quite some time. The fair in itself went by very well, the contacts were excellent. We have seen that the police was very interested in our solutions.”

Johan Rensonnet and Senne Backx: “We are satisfied with our fair. We also think that it is very important that the organisation still focusses on stimulating the everyday fire fighter to come and visit the fair. Meeting decision makers is important, but it does not stop there.”

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