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Seminars per day 2017 edition


Presentation of the non-profit organisation vzw Heartsaver and the National Non-Profit Heartsaver Project under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Pedro Brugada. The non-profit organisation focusses 100% on the issue of ‘Sudden Cardiac Arrest outside of the Hospital’.

The objective of Vzw Heartsaver is informing and making aware the population, local/regional /federal governments, cities and towns, relief workers, entrepreneurs, sports federations and so on in regard to the need for knowledge about reanimation and defibrillation. Furthermore, it aims to double the number of AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) in Belgium as soon as possible (+ 10,000 AEDs) and wants to make them available to the local population and passers-by, mainly in residential areas, around the clock.

* Luc Ketele
* Rufij Baeke

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