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Analysis for fires by the fire brigade: assessment for learning! Since the introduction of the different emergency zones in 2015, a lot has changed in fire-fighting landscape.
For example, the emergency zones are now working on  the principle of the “safety chain”. This is the principle whereby the Fire Department attempts to control risks through proactive policies and prevention, and further underpins the final interventions by means of preparation.

In the end, every intervention must also be subsequently assessed. This assessment offers the possibility of checking what lessons can be learned from the fires:
-can our fire extinguishing interventions be improved?
-is the fire prevention legislation effective?
-was the behaviour of the humans involved in the fire or prevention activities as we might have expected?

Fire brigade Network – covering the 20 Flemish emergency assistance zones – aimed at the 20 emergency assistance zones working in collecting data so that they can learn from fires and intervention activities.

A testimony from HVZ [“Emergency Assistance Zone”] Fluvia, as a pilot zone for the ‘fire analysis’ project.

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