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Seminars 2019 edition


10:00 – HALL 2 - In Dutch

Speaker: Mr Jean-Louis Dalle - Chairman CPL


13:00 – HALL 2 - In Dutch

Speaker: Mr Mitch De Geest - CEO Citymesh

More information Add to calendar02/04/2019 13:00:0002/04/2019 13:30:00MISSION CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONCitymesh has been working with Nokia Finland to develop a private 4G/5G network solution for industry and the emergency services. Companies are increasingly evolving into environments where automation and wireless connectivity are important drivers. A private network guarantees reliable and low-latency connectivity for and in between different kinds of sensors, vehicles and people ... all operating across distances of over 10 kilometres. A private network is essential, particularly in environments with operationally critical communications and connectivity requirements. Citymesh has also developed a "first response" drone solution for supporting the emergency services. By putting a drone on the roof of a fire station, it can set out immediately after a call has been received through the 112 call-centre. After checking a number of parameters (battery, no-fly zones, weather conditions), a route is automatically mapped out from the fire station to the incident location. When this is complete, the drone takes off automatically, under supervision of a pilot in the Citymesh control centre. Communications to/from the drone are via a private Citymesh 4G/5G network. Images from HD and thermal cameras are sent live to the fire station and to the emergency service units already on their way to the location where they will be deployed. Consequently, the emergency services arrive at the location fully prepared, and can adapt their strategy to the scale of the incident and the environment in which it has occurred. HALL 2 - In DutchDD/MM/YYYY


15:00 – HALL 2 - In Dutch

Speaker: Ms Britt Denis - Collaborater Management Operations Voorkempen Police Zone

More information Add to calendar02/04/2019 15:00:0002/04/2019 15:45:00FOUR EU INNOVATION PROJECTS: HORIZON 2020 IN THE SPOTLIGHTThe Voorkempen Police Zone is currently working on four European projects. The sub-projects fall under the broader title of “Horizon 2020”, a large-scale research and innovation program set up by the European Union in 2014. Horizon 2020 is a collaboration between public authorities and private companies sharing the same ambition: stimulating economic growth and innovation in Europe and making the results available to the emergency services. Projects: • Trivalent Project – a project concerning (de)radicalisation, for which our zone is in charge of the work package dealing with the skills of the Police and other professionals in this field, as required for combating radicalisation. • Letscrowd - In this project tools are developed for providing support in the management of mass gatherings. • Prophets – intended to redefine existing methods for investigating, moderating and preventing cybercriminal behaviour. Amongst other things, this project will strive to achieve early identification of security threats with which we might be confronted, possibly on the Internet. • ANITA – This project will develop a research system that analyses textual and audio-visual content, both online and offline, for combating illicit drug trafficking, counterfeiting of medicines and the arms trade. Through an in-depth, cross-disciplinary data analysis, ANITA intends to provide insights, and to create tools for combating such illegal trade. HALL 2 - In DutchDD/MM/YYYY
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