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Seminars 2019 edition


14:20 – HALL 2 - In Dutch

Speaker: Mr Roeland Briers - Account Manager Passwerk
Chairman: Ms Isabel Verwee - Senior Researcher Security & Innovation Vias Institue

More information Add to calendar03/04/2019 14:20:0003/04/2019 15:00:00DISRUPTIVE THINKING IN THE RECRUITMENT FOR I.T. JOB PROFILES IN THE SECURITY SECTORVacancies within the security sector are usually difficult to fill. Specific profiles, such as IT profiles, are still more difficult to recruit for a number of reasons. In the Vias Institute, we would like to adopt a disruptive thought mode, with regard to how recruitment can be carried out in a different and creative manner, so that such vacancies can be filled. One of these methods is Passwerk, in which the economic goal is linked to a social dimension. We are inviting Roeland Briers, account manager at Passwerk, a co-operative company with limited liability, working in the ‘convergence market’ with a social objective. This company seeks a balance between the social and economic dimensions. Passwerk focuses on the specific group of people with a profile on the autism spectrum. Since 2008, through a combination of competence management and personal adaptation, the company has succeeded in involving people with autism in the professional labour market, to carry out various activities as software test engineers, based on their specific talents. Passwerk provides personal training for these consultants to become certified software testers and provides each individual consultant with a tailor-made coaching for his/her job. In 2016, based on the same successful model, through which the company responds to the challenge of professionally activating people with autism in other domains  Passwerk also launched a sister company, TRplus (Top Resources Plus), through which it confronts the challenge of also professionally involving people with autism to enter other fields. In this case the focus is on the function of the security guard (X-ray screening) and certain jobs within the pharmaceutical industry. HALL 2 - In DutchDD/MM/YYYY
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