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Seminars 2019 edition


The use of commercial drones does not only bring opportunities but also presents obvious threats in many areas. The continuing commercial advance of these devices means that there is a growing menace from their use by terrorists and criminals, as well as unintentional threats from users who mean no harm.

On the market there are already a considerable number of products for the detection and neutralisation of drones. Most of these systems cannot ensure the required flexibility in view of the different methods of use of commercial drones, so that they can only cover a limited section out of the spectrum of threats. Hence, there are detection systems, which make separate use of radar detection, smart cameras, radio scanners or even microphones, but when used separately, each of these systems only offers a response to a restricted number of situations and against one specific kind of drone use. 

Ctrl+Sky has brought onto the market a unified system offering such sensors within a single powerful system, which shows that it is indeed possible to provide technological responses to the diverse and complex threats from commercial drones.


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