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Exhibitors' news

42/5000 Three new kia's for the municipality of Maastricht

In opdracht van Autobedrijf Janssen Kerres hebben wij recent drie nieuwe kia's van gemeente Maastricht mogen voorzien van signalering. Deze voertuigen kunnen nu veilig de weg op door onze nieuwste lichtbalk en flitsers!

Anti-Tamper security Labels - Transposafe

Visually indicate the tampering of labels

Pilot project to provide police with body cams

A pilot project will see police officers in Malta equipped with body cams to help them in cases where they will require clear evidence where a member of the force is involved in an attack or other incident.

Hulpverleners winnen tijd met FrontForce Emergency

Bij een incident moet de hulpverlening op de snelste en meest adequate manier voorzien kunnen worden, rekening houdend met voertuigen die al onderweg zijn en de voertuigen die beschikbaar zijn op verschillende andere locaties. Voor dit soort dispatching systemen is het heel belangrijk om over betrouwbaar kaartmateriaal te kunnen beschikken.

The new MSA M1 SCBA

The new M1 SCBA is a modular system breathing apparatus that can be reconfigured or upgraded whenever needed and conveniently in the field! Retrofittable with several different options.

Zarges K470 Accusafe

UN 3480 certified container for safe storage and transportation of defective or damaged lithium batteries.

New WIS vehicles Province of Utrecht

The power of the corpuls3 on your wrist

The corpuls control is a mini version of the corpuls3 monitor and is attached on your wrist. Just like its big brother, it displays a variety of vital parameters and alarms. These can be deactivated via the corpuls control on the corpuls3. The corpuls control can easily be worn over a jacket or overalls. The beautiful 240 × 432 pixel TFT multi-touch display can be operated with gloves.

BolaWrap™, the innovative non-lethal restraint device.

Will the BolaWrap™ 100 replace the Taser? A hand-held remote restraint device developped by the Las Vegas company Wrap Technologies Inc. For more details see below.

Streamlight introduceert nieuwe wapenlamp met groene laser

Tijdens de ShotShow, een jaarlijks evenement half januari in Las Vegas, presenteerde Streamlight weer veel nieuwe producten waaronder aanvulling op het bestaande TLR assortiment wapenlampen. Streamlight is met de wapenlamp TLR 2 al bekend in de markt met zowel de rode als de groene laser. De compactere TLR 8 was al enkele maanden geleden geïntroduceerd met rode laser maar nu ook verkrijgbaar met een groene laser. Tevens is er bij gekomen de TLR 7 zonder laser.

New sprinter for Van Rens Mobility

Recent hebben wij deze Mercedes Sprinter mogen voorzien van signalering in opdracht van Van Rens Mobiliteit. Niet alleen zijn wij trots op het mooie resultaat, maar ook op onze jarenlange relatie waarvan wij hopen deze nog heel lang voort te zetten!

Innercity protection

Antiterreurwegversperring is vandaag de dag een noodzaak maar kan nog een heleboel andere nuttige en esthetische functies hebben. Deze versperring komt in de vorm van palen die vast of verwijderbaar zijn & worden ondiep gemonteerd.

Body-worn camera comes on stream

Audax® are worldwide Pioneers in developing Body Worn Video technology. We led the World in 2006 in a joint project with the UK Home Office; were the First UK Security SME ever funded under EU H2020, and were the Communications Systems winner at the Counter Terror Business awards for their 3G/4G camera system. The EU Commission have recently published an article on their website.

19 inch mobile rackmount case tested according to the military standard.

Under the name Mitraset, brings Zarges a mobile electronics housing on the market. This 19'inch 'housing protects against impacts, vibrations, electromagnetic disturbances and environmental influences such as heat, moisture and dust

EyeAid eyewash bottles

The only eyewash bottle meeting the standards for eyewashequipment

XENA Falco drone: the new tool used by Police forces

Over the time, the Police forces’ needs have evolved to adapt to the variety of different situations that may arise on the field. Drones are decidedly one of the best new tools made available to the Police forces. AltiGator is the Belgian company that has made it possible to implement this new tool that meets the specific needs of police forces.

Innovation and Excellence Awards 2019

This article is an extract from the upcoming Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019

Transposafe the security seals specialist !

Transposafe is the specialist in the sealing of value shipments. Through our products, we provide solutions that prevent fraud, theft and unnecessary discussions.

LANCO Decontamination Systems – Personal & Mass Decon, Water Management

Our decontamination system includes one of our tents furnished with separation walls, integrated showers and water management technology:

Het kampvuur van FrontForce Emergency Connect brandt!

Op dinsdag 6 november nodigde FrontForce zijn klanten van FrontForce Emergency uit voor de eerste user group: FrontForce Emergency Connect. Brandweerzones Centrum, Zuid-Oost en Oost-Limburg en de brandweer van Brussels Airport tekenden present.

Shockproof to 2 meters on concrete

Olight Warrior X zaklamp: 14 cm lang, 2000 lumen, reikwijdte 560 meter en supersterk

The AED reinvented by corpuls

In addition to the two well-known universal defibrillators corpuls1 and corpuls3, Corpuls has now also marketed an AED. This clever addition to the emergency supply chain with the well-known Corpuls quality is available in a semi- and fully automatic version. The device is extremely easy to operate with one button.


Universal electronically controlled loading system for stretchers

License plate request Belgian vehicles now in the Crash Recovery System

In combinatie met de blue light Mobile SIMkaart van ASTRID is het nu mogelijk voor hulpverleners om Belgische voertuigen op te vragen in het Crash Recovery System.

Zonecollege HVZ Centrum onder de indruk van moderne meldkamer

Op 10 januari werd de nieuwe Gentse burgemeester Mathias De Clercq (Open Vld) verkozen tot nieuwe voorzitter van het zonecollege van Hulpverleningszone Centrum. Samen met de burgemeesters van Deinze, De Pinte, Gavere en Wachtebeke bereidt hij de vergaderingen van de zoneraad voor, waarin de burgemeesters van de 18 gemeenten zetelen. Naar aanleiding van de nieuwe mandaten bracht een delegatie van de zoneraad een bezoek aan de hoofdkazerne in Gent. De meldkamer, uitgerust met FrontForce Emergency als dispatching- & alarmeringssoftware, viel in de smaak.

New Flat Loudspeaker !

Easy to install in any engine compartment, choose our new flat loudspeaker ! Just 8cm thick ! For more information >

Prochem II CLF CBNR limit use chemical coverall - faceseal

For more than 10 years the ProChem® II coverall with faceseal has been a very popular coverall for the German fire brigade. This model is available in both Tychem® and 3S CLF, both materials offer the highest protection against organic and inorganic chemicals (including chemical warfare agents such as VX, mustard gas and lewisite), biological hazards and radioactive particles. The new CLF material developed by 3S offers exceptional wearing comfort, compared to conventional materials it is hydrophilic (moisture absorbing) and less noisy. Let yourself be convinced by the wearing comfort and visit our stand 286!

LockBlock | The Accessible Barrier

LockBlock barrier systems are movable high-quality crash barriers. The systems enable sustainable road closures at locations where safety is a high priority. A LockBlock consists of one or more blocks of reinforced concrete with telescopic steel beams. Each LockBlock has a hardened steel lock. The 7.5 tonne construction has been extensively tested and has proven itself during crash tests under extreme conditions. LockBlocks are delivered under certificate and comply with the requirements of the internationally applicable standards PAS68 and IWA14-1.

A Directory of the 75 Most Innovative Police Tech Startups

The report outlines the police technology landscape, the police tech market as well as trends and drivers for police use of technology. One of the conclusions in the report is that when law enforcement don’t use new technology, they risk time-consuming processes, missed opportunities and miss-allocation of resources.

Prochem III CLF PAPR Overall (blower unit)

The ProChem® III CLF PAPR coverall offers the highest protection against organic and inorganic chemicals (including chemical warfare agents such as VX, mustard gas and lewisite), biological hazards and radioactive particles). The CLF material developed by 3S offers exceptional wearing comfort, compared to conventional materials it is hydrophilic (moisture absorbing) and less noisy.
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