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APRIL 2024


Federal Public Service for Interior Affairs

At the stand of the Federal Service for Interior Affairs in hall 6, a pleasant atmosphere could be sensed all day. At this stand, with all the operational services of the Federal Service for Interior Affairs present, we talked to assistant Elke Meert: “Just like the two previous editions, we are very happy with both our stand and the visitors. We received plenty of questions. Our aim is not to sell, but to provide information – that is why we are here."


Philippe Lagae, Business Unit Manager Signalisation at Rauwers, has been part of the whole INFOPOL I XPO112 story since the very beginning. When we asked him about how he experienced this twelfth edition, he was extremely enthusiastic: “We felt a strong dynamic from the market. This should not come as a surprise of course; there is a framework agreement, and you can really feel that certain things are just necessary. Kortrijk Xpo as organiser surprised me once again, because you can feel that they have become more than just a big player in the Belgian market. Their influence abroad is increasing more and more.”

“My conclusion is simple: if you want to mean something in this highly specialised world, you simply cannot afford not to be present. Furthermore, the fair is extremely coherent and runs smoothly thanks to the enormous efforts made by the organisation. That is why Rauwers is more than happy to keep on participating in INFOPOL I XPO112.”


Brabo is another regular exhibitor that could be found in hall 6. It was a bit quieter here, but that was probably due to an external reason. Cindy De Beukeleer, the manager’s wife: “Indeed, things were a bit more calm, but I think this mainly has to do with the fact that, in contrast with the past, there were a lot of bars near the other stands”, she said with a smile. “All in all, we can say that we had some good contacts and that our new products were received very well. There is only one conclusion: we will definitely be back. But we will maybe change our approach slightly ...”


It was the fourth time that founder Wim Iserbyt and his team from Arisco from the town of Vichte participated in the fair. At its stand, the car tuning company explained that for tuning, a close cooperation with the manufacturer is required nowadays. Wim Iserbyt said that INFOPOL I XPO112 is crucial for his company: “In my opinion, the most important aspect is that this event is a trigger to get people up to speed. You are practically forced to invent new things by the time the fair starts. A fair as INFOPOL I XPO112 obliges you to prepare for the fair and to turn it into a success, months before the actual start."

AB Technics

Hans Vanaerschot, manager of AB Technics, also reacted extremely positive: “We noticed that we were visited by a more focussed and clearly interested group of people. The real decision makers were clearly present and in the end that is all that matters for a fair like this.  It’s all about networking here, and we did very well in that respect: all of the contacts that we made were of excellent quality. In short: we raised the glass to a very successful edition.”


Florent Deffense, Head of Customer Management at Astrid, was a happy man too. Astrid was very satisfied with the way the fair had passed: “Our new products were received with a lot of excitement and plenty of people asked for additional information. Granted, the visitors have largely remained the same, as we have been present in the market for quite some time now, but we still managed to make a couple of good new contacts. Furthermore, the fair also gives you the opportunity to view the customers differently. Especially the last day was excellent. We were also pleasantly surprised by the way we were assisted by the organisation."

Somati and SecuRoad

Upon entrance of the fair, the first thing that you saw was the stand of Somati and SecuRoad. There was a general feeling of satisfaction here as well. Gonda Bael, Executive Assistant and PR Coordinator at Somati: “The number of visitors was about the same as the previous editions, but we are very happy with the results. We received a couple of important orders this week. What is also interesting about INFOPOL I XPO112 is that you can meet the people face to face.”


Security specialist Securitas presented a whole range of innovations. Bruno Haevemans, development manager: “It is important that our visitors are handed solutions. It’s all about informing, something which we tried to do as much as possible at our stand. A fair such as INFOPOL I XPO112 is the perfect forum, because you can present the customers with a lot of things in a limited period of time, also surprising and new things. Furthermore, you can draw the visitors’ attention to things they do not know yet.”

Terberg Specials Belgium

At Terberg Specials, a company specialised in transforming and tuning cars, we talked to sales manager Didier Borremans: “We noticed a clear difference per day. It was especially busy at our stand the first day. Generally speaking, this was a good fair, with a mix of existing customers, complemented with a substantial number of new contacts. We did see that the target group of visitors has become much more specific. You get a lot more in contact with the final decision makers.”

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